Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations let you start to build networks that you can rely upon for years, and often they provide opportunities to practice the skills you're developing for the marketplace.

Org Name President Advisor(s) More Information
49th Security Division Trevon Williams Tom Moyer, Bill Chu Visit Org Profile
ACM Kyle Tibbetts Erik Saule Visit Org Profile
ACM-W Faye Sefidi Diznah Meera Sridhar Visit Org Profile
App Ventures Alex Kennedy Mohamed Shehab Visit Org Profile
BIAS (Nathan) Tyler Turner Cynthia Gibas Visit Org Profile
CCI Grads Amirreza Niakanlahiji Min Shin Visit Org Profile
Charlotte Hack Fatimah Alnahash Visit Org Profile
CCI Dean's Ambassadors Jacqueline White Dean Mili Visit Website
Game Dev Alexus Smith Danny Jugan, Julio Bahamon Visit Org Profile
ISACA J. Parker Garrison Heather Lipford Visit Org Profile
STARS Jesudamilare Ibitoye Lijuan Cao Visit Org Profile
alumni scholarship fund

The Alumni Gives Scholarship allows students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the technology community.  This needs-based scholarship empowers students to overcome financial hurdles while pursuing their education goals and gives preference to underrepresented populations within the CCI student body. 

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