Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At CCI, we pride ourselves on a commitment to offering undergraduate students the chance to participate in real-world research opportunities, working alongside graduate and Ph.D. candidates as well as our world-class faculty. 

It takes just three steps to apply for these opportunities:

1. Find a project by searching our Research Opportunity Database,  HERE

2. Connect with the faculty member associated with the project.

3. Fill out and submit the form found, HERE



Mindy Shi

  • Machine learning methods and web services for big genomics data analytics

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Computer Science

Srinivas Akella

  • Simulating Motion Plans for Large Robot Teams

Mohsen Dorodchi

  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Active Learning

Siddharth Krishnan

  • Untitled Project

Minwoo Jake Lee

  • Pre-training Synthetic Gradient Descent
  • Reading Deep Networks with Hidden Markov Model
  • Analytical Reinforcement Learning with Sparse Bayesian Model
  • Practice for Intelligent Agent

Aidong Lu

  • Immersive Visualization and Interaction

Samira Shaikh

  • Human Behavior Modeling
  • Intelligent Agents/Chatbots
  • Emotion Detection from Text

Min C. Shin

  • Predictive “Keyboard” for People with Disabilities

Kalpathi Subramanian

  • Perceptual studies of Shapes for Visualization Design

Kalpathi Subramanian, Erik Saule

  • Graph Visualization
  • Interactive Textbook Project

Pu Wang

  • Aerial Multimedia Networking of Swarming Drones
  • Design and Development of Wireless Underwater Robots

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Software and Information Systems

Nicholas Davis

  • Surprising Drawing Apprentice
  • Understanding the Neurocognitive Dynamics of Co-Creation
  • Investigating the Neural and Collaboration Dynamics of Design Creativity

Tonya Frevert

  • The Institutional Context of CS Education

Yaorong Ge

  • Extracting and representing knowledge in publications of clinical studies

Celine Latulipe

  • Turtle Embroidery

Mary Lou Maher, Kaz Grace

  • An AI-based app for dietary behavior change

Mary Lou Maher, Nadia Najjar, Xi (Sunshine) Niu

  • Pique: Encouraging Curiosity with AI

Thomas Moyer

  • Summarizing Data Flows for Security

Dimitrios Papanikolaou

  • BlockNet: Addressable Building Blocks
  • Viral intelligence in MoD systems
  • SD.JS: System Dynamics JavaScript Library
  • Electronic MarketPlaces for Dynamically Priced MoD Systems
  • Bidirectional Interactive Wooden Surfaces

Meera Sridhar

  • Hybrid Mobile App Security

Jinpeng Wei

  • Study of Advanced Persistent Threats

David Wilson, Johanna Okerlund

  • Making Sense

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