Research Office

Research Office Contacts

Name Email Phone Office
Min Shin 704-687-8578 Woodward 210G
Audrey Callahan 704-687-7032 Woodward 443J
Caroline Kennedy 704‑687‑0498 Woodward 454
Margo Gross N/A Woodward 454
Chris Durham N/A Woodward 454


Research Office Hours and Locations

Audrey Callahan: 7am - 4pm
Caroline Kennedy: 8:30am - 5pm
Margo Gross: 9am - 2pm
Chris Durham: flex

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Woodward Audrey, Caroline, Margo, Chris Audrey, Caroline Audrey, Caroline, Margo, Chris Audrey, Margo, Chris Audrey, Caroline, Margo, Chris
BINF   Margo   Caroline  


alumni scholarship fund

The Alumni Gives Scholarship allows students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the technology community.  This needs-based scholarship empowers students to overcome financial hurdles while pursuing their education goals and gives preference to underrepresented populations within the CCI student body. 

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