Neuro-Cognitive Interaction Lab

The Neuro-Cognitive Interaction Lab, located in Woodward Hall room 332, is designed to study the neuroscience and cognition of individuals as they are engaged in computing related tasks. The lab director is Dr. Nicholas Davis, and faculty that utilize the lab are: Dr. Mary Lou Maher, Dr. Heather Lipford, Dr. Nadia Najjar, Dr. Sunshine Niu, Dr. Mohamed Shehab, and Dr. Dongsong Zhang.  

Equipment/software housed in the lab includes the following:

  • Biopac functional near infrared device (fNIR) to measure cognitive load
  • Mobita wireless wet-electrode 32-channel EEG system to measure neural activation patterns
  • B-Alert X-10 12-channel wireless EEG for a lightweight method of measuring neural activation patterns
  • Tobii eye-tracking device to measure gaze and visual attention
  • iMotions software
  • Video cameras and tripods
  • MacPro desktop computer
  • Dell desktop computer

Uses of the lab include running experiments and user studies that investigate a neurological and/or cognitive component of a user interaction with technology, such as determining what brain regions are activated during a particular task and measuring the cognitive load of interacting with a software program or performing an activity. Other uses are related to general usability of technology solutions.

UNCC students and professors that would like to use the equipment in the Neuro-Cognitive Interaction Lab for their research projects may book time in the lab and use the equipment on-site. The lab utilizes a shared Google Calendar to manage and schedule experiments and meetings. The calendar can be viewed at the following link:

To physically enter the lab in Woodward 332, individuals must have card access. To gain access to both the Google Calendar and card access to the lab, please email the lab director, Nicholas Davis ( with a brief introduction and reason for using the lab.

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