Computer Science Major Creates Unique Studying App

Portrait of Terrence Wells
Friday, March 2, 2018
By Justyce Watson

Imagine it’s 5 p.m. on a Wednesday night. You have an exam at 8 a.m. tomorrow. You decide to cook yourself a hearty dinner to nourish your mind before you meet up with your classmates at the library to study. To get a little ahead on your studying you bring out your flash cards while cooking. However, you realize handling the flash cards while cooking is much more difficult than what you thought. You start to think…what if you could study and cook simultaneously? Or study and drive? Or study and do anything that involves using your hands?

One of our very own students, Terrence Wells, created the solution to your problem along with his friend Joseph Cochrane-Brown. The two students created an app called Sow Study Aid. Their goal was to use Quizlet’s API to create a captivating flashcard study experience through conversation.

It’s as easy as asking Siri what the weather will be like tomorrow. You simply tell the app what group of flash cards you’d like to study. The app then reads each card to you and you respond just as if you and a classmate are quizzing each other. Even if your answer is partially correct, Sow Study Aid will respond letting you know that you’re super close to having the correct answer. It’s easy, convenient and genius!

Wells and Cochrane-Brown recently competed in the Action On Google Challenge where they uploaded their app through a link. They didn’t place in the challenge; however, the experience they gained from creating the app and the people they met in the process made it worthwhile.

In fact, a man from Toronto, Canada contacted Wells and asked if he could get the app to help his six-year-old daughter study for a spelling test. “That’s what’s exciting for me…my hard work to be recognized,” says Wells in an interview.

Cochrane-Brown and Wells have been friends for a while since they lived in the same neighborhood growing up. Bringing their minds together and working as a cohesive team is what allowed them to create such an amazing app. Wells says, “I wouldn’t have been able to do the app without [Joseph]. We’re a good team and he helped me a lot.”

For more information on the app and the process Wells and Cochrane-Brown took to create it, click the link below.

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