Bioinformatics and Genomics Spring 2015


Bioinformatics seminar series SPRING 2015

Seminar talk meet in Room 105

from 1:30 PM-2:30 PM.


Jan 16 |Dr. Tanja Magoc. Estimating Gene Expression level in Prokaryotes.
Jan 23 |Dr. Andrey Shabalin. High Resolution analysis of genetic control of the Human blood methylome using Matrix eQTL
Jan 26 |Dr. Julia Oh
Jan 30 |Dr. Way Sung. Microbial Mutation-accumulation Illuminates Context dependent Mutation Patterns and Mutation-rate Evolution
Feb 6 |Dr. Prashant Sharma. Developmental dynamics of ancient diversification: Phylogenomics and evolutionary development of Chelicrate anthropads
Feb 13 |Dr. Leonard mcmilan. USIng multi-string burrows wheeler transforms to resolve genomic structure
Fed 25 |health information speaker series
March 13 |Dr. Jasmine zhou. Make big data useful: horizontal and vertical data integration to study genes, networks and diseases
MARCH 20 |Dr. feng luo. the co-expression network analysis
March 27 |cancelled
APRIL 17|Robert Cottingham. the future of computational biology
APRIL 24 |Jimeng sun. Computational phenotyping on electronic health records using tensor factorization

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