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Fatma Mili

“…I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.” – William Butler Yeats

This blog was created to provide an additional channel for sharing our thoughts, reflections, and ideas, as well as inspire dialogue and discussion as we shape the CCI story together. The name, Treading Softly comes from the last line of Yeats’ poem, "He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven,” which educational reformer Sir Ken Robinson used in his 2014 TED Talk as a call for a thoughtful reexamination of education and a reminder that we are working with our students' dreams.

For the sake of our students’ dreams, we must think boldly and tread softly.

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We Shall Graduate Giants

   October 29, 2018

We shall graduate giants! I discovered children literature when my kids were young and fell in love with its beauty, simplicity, and economy of expression. Take the example of the Grinch, who “puzzled [the concept of Christmas] until his puzzler was sore.” The answer, when it came to him, made “his small heart [grow] three sizes that day.” What a beautiful image to capture the process and...

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A Community, Not A Business

   September 29, 2018

We Are a beautiful, dynamic city - Not a Business

We are not a business. We are a community of higher learning. 

In recent years, it has become common to use business lingo and evaluate the concerns, activities, and outputs of higher education using corporate paradigms. These comparisons present a false equivalency, are generally lazy, and ignore the nuance of academia, which...

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Right Ship, Best Crew

   June 29, 2018

By the end of July, I will be wrapping up my first year at the helm of this great college, the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte. I cannot feel more grateful or more enthusiastic about being here. I am in the right ship, with the best possible crew, and the wind is blowing at our backs.

Within UNC Charlotte, an Urban Research University, the College of Computing and...

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