About Charlotte

why charlotte?

UNC Charlotte, the region's only urban research institution, benefits greatly from its proximity to and relationship with the City of Charlotte and the surrounding area. 

When you choose to pursue your Ph.D. here, you become part of one of the United States' most dynamic and fastest-growing cities. But before committing, it is fair to ask: Why Charlotte?

  • Charlotte has one of the fastest growing job markets in the U.S. and was ranked number-one in business climate
  • Charlotte offers all the advantages of a major urban area while claiming a lower cost of living than all but seven other major metro U.S. cities, such as construction costs that are only 77 percent of the national average and some of the lowest manufacturing costs in the country
  • Charlotte is headquarters for six Fortune 500 Companies and nine more in the Fortune 1000
  • Transportation: Charlotte Douglas International Airport offers the lowest cost per passenger in the United States
  • Quality of Life: Charlotte is consistently ranked among the top ten places to live in the U.S.
  • Charlotte offers top school districts, a dedication to clean jobs, and the number-one happiest young professionals in the country: All reasons why Charlotte is home to one of the highest levels of overall well-being in the nation
  • Cost of living: for a comprehensive overview, click HERE.
  • For things to do, check out charlottesgotalot.com.
  • For all the facts, figures, tables and data, visit the Charlotte Camber of Commerce CLT Facts page HERE.

Here are just a few of Charlotte's claims to fame, as presented by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce:

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The Alumni Gives Scholarship allows students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the technology community.  This needs-based scholarship empowers students to overcome financial hurdles while pursuing their education goals and gives preference to underrepresented populations within the CCI student body. 

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