M.S. Admissions

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements for admission to the Graduate School, students applying for this program are expected to have knowledge of programming languages, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, or computer architecture.  The knowledge of calculus, discrete mathematics, and linear algebra typically attained in undergraduate education is expected, too.  Students without undergraduate prerequisite courses in computer science and mathematics may be instructed to demonstrate prior knowledge, as determined by the Graduate Program Director.

A bachelor’s degree in computer science is desired.  Individuals who have worked as professionals in the computer industry may be able to substitute work experience for some of the specific subject area admission requirements, subject to review by the Graduate Program Director.

Students must have an undergraduate grade point average of (or equivalent to) at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 point scale) and a Junior/Senior GPA of at least 3.0.  A satisfactory GRE score is required for applicants who completed undergraduate degree outside of the United States.

Student admission will be based on:

  1. Prerequisites
    • Math Requirement:
      • Calculus (6 hours)
      • Linear Algebra or Statistics
      • Discrete Mathematics
    • Computer Science Requirement:
      • Programming Languages
      • Data Structures
      • Computer Architecture or Operating Systems
      • Additional courses in Computer Science
  2. Undergraduate academic record
  3. Reference letters
  4. TOEFL scores (for international students)
  5. GRE - A satisfactory GRE score is required for applicants who completed undergraduate degree outside of the United States
  6. Statement of purpose

Qualified students who do not meet all of the above requirements may be required to take additional approved related courses after admission.

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