Extending Your Graduation

Once you have completed all the requirements for the CS M.S. degree program, you are expected to apply for graduation. If for some reason, you do not apply for graduation, you may apply for graduation for a later semester but you must be a registered student in the semester that you graduate, for example by registering for ITCS 7999 Master's Degree Graduate Residence or an additional course beyond the 30 hours. (Note the 6-year rule) You should also be continuously enrolled in the university as a registered student (Fall and Spring semesters) otherwise you will have to reapply to the university.

If you have already submitted the Application for Graduate Degree/Certificate and Application for Candidacy forms for graduation for one semester and wish to delay the graduation, you will need to inform Ms. Stella Butterbaugh in the Graduate School, and go on line and submit a new Application for Degree that identifies the new term of graduation. You do not have to resubmit the candidacy form if it is still accurate. Also, once you pay the $57 graduation fee, you do not have to pay this fee again even if the graduation term is changed.

If you are receiving an assistantship and/or tuition support from university or departmental funds, this support will not be continued beyond that required to complete the program requirements.

International Students

International students may have INS/visa constraints that prevent them from extending their graduation. The Graduate Coordinator and Graduate Program Director cannot advise students on these constraints. You should seek clarification on your specific situation with the international office.    One key issue (among others) are the limitations on approval of taking a Reduced Course Load.    More generally, see the ISSO information at this link.

alumni scholarship fund

The Alumni Gives Scholarship allows students to pursue their dreams and contribute to the technology community.  This needs-based scholarship empowers students to overcome financial hurdles while pursuing their education goals and gives preference to underrepresented populations within the CCI student body. 

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