Mentoring Program

Women in the IT workforce face challenges from institutionalized bias to differences in communication styles and a lack of female role models. CCI’s mentoring program is designed to help our female students advanced in their academic preparation towards joining the technical professions and advance to positions of leadership. 

Meetings and Responsibilities

We recommend that the mentor and the student meet frequently. The details of the meetings and how frequent is really up to each pair of mentor and student to decide. However, we provide the following guidelines:

  • Weekly communication. We suggest the mentor and the student communicate weekly using email, phone, text message or other appropriate communication medium.
  • Monthly video communication. We suggest the mentor and the student meet over video conference once a month to keep in touch and discuss topics that might come up.
  • In Person Meetings. We suggest the mentor and the student meet in person at least twice during the semester, possibly once on campus and once at the mentor’s office.
  • Assessment. We expect all students and mentors to participate in our assessment efforts to help us refine our program to better meet our goals. We will ask students to fill out a survey twice a semester and to participate in focus groups at the end of the semester.  We will ask industry mentors to complete a survey at the end of each semester.
  • The following documents are available:

Need help?

CCI is committed to The Women in Computing Initiative. This initiative has a simple and ambitious goal: increase the number of women undergraduate CCI majors to 450 female students in five years and proportionally increase the number of women graduates.  If the students or mentors have any questions or concerns, they should contact one of the people listed below.

  • Mentoring program, goals, feedback, comments, contact Dr. Manuel A. Pérez Quiñones <>
  • Business Partner Program, volunteering as a mentor, scheduling space for meetings on campus, contact Maryalicia Johnson <>
  • Student activities, tutoring, academic support for students, contact Rich Nguyen <>


The following documents provide more detailed information about our mentoring program:

  • Overview. High level guide to the Mentoring program, similar to the content on this page.
  • Set-the-Stage Template.  When the mentor and the student are ready to begin, use the Set-the-Stage Template to establish primary expectations. Use the form to record initial goals and to set ground rules, such as how often you meet and how you share feedback. Be sure you each keep a copy to refer back to. 
  • Mentoring Basics: A Student’s Guide. This guide will help the student understand why women need mentors and how she can benefit from a mentoring relationship. It will also help her think through her goals and expectations for mentoring, and advise on ways to identify and engage the mentor who can help her most. 
  • Mentoring Basics: A Mentor’s Guide. Prepare for mentoring by learning more about mentoring and the qualities and activities of a mentor. Learn why technical women need mentors. Find out how you benefit from the mentoring relationship, and learn the Do’s and Don’ts of mentoring. 
  • Themes Guide. Themes Guide addresses issues technical women face in the workplace and reflect best practices in career advancement and mentoring. The mentor should refer to the Theme Guide often. Use the activities as written or as a springboard for actions that suit your unique situation. 



Adapted from NCWIT’s Mentoring-in-a-Box - available at