Innovative Curriculum



This LBST 2213 course investigats issues of gender and technology. What happens when technologies that are used by everyone are only designed by men? Does making a device pink make it female-friendly? How are women busting the myths of the stereotype computer geek? How can women make a difference in the world through technology? This course takes a three-pronged approach to show how women excel in technology fields and celebrate the difference that women bring to the field. It will be taught as a flipped class, with hands-on, active learning and team-based activities. 

  1. Hands-On Computing Activities: students need to try a little bit of computing and learn the lingo in order to understand the context.
  2. Female Tech Speakers: students  meet some amazing female tech leaders and hear why they love computing, but also how they deal with gender-related challenges that they face.​ 
  3. Blogging: students follow some active bloggers who write about gender and technology issues. They will write their own blogs about these issues and what they are learning, and share their blogs with each other. 

Course Instructor:
Dr. Celine Latulipe 

Kennedy 236
Fridays 11am-1:45pm