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Connect to Old Oracle database

CCI Oracle Database




alter user USERNAME identified by NEWPASS;

Access Oracle here

  Oracle Database version 10g
  1. Hostname:
  2. Database: class
  3. IP Port: 1521 (default)

Any other questions? Please email

  1. Student accounts on this database are created for any student registered for any CCI class. Typically, accounts are created the day after drop/add registration is over.All CCI Faculty/Staff have an oracle account as well, these are created as needed.Your oracle account will match your university login ID.
  2. For students, your initial password will be “qwe123”. You should change your password on your first login.
  3. For faculty/staff you should contact cci-techsupport (at) to get your initial password, if you do not already know it.
  4. At the end of each semester (after final exams) ALL student accounts and ALL associated data are permanently DELETED. You should save your work elsewhere if you would like to keep it.
  5. If you are working on any sort of CCI project that requires long term access to a database, and the data needs to be preserved, have your professor send an email to to request a database account for this. Student accounts will not be used for this purpose.
  6. You can connect to the database via a web interface from on or off campus.Below is an example of connecting to the database with Internet explorer.
  7. Connect to this URL in your web browser:
  8. You should see this…
  9. Fill in the username, password, and Connect identifier(class) appropriately as below..
  10. Click Login, and you should see..
  11. SQL commands you would type once logged in are the subject of your coursework and your professor will instruct you.
  12. The command to change your password is:
  13. You should change your password to prevent unauthorized use of your oracle account.Each student account is granted a 5MB disk space quota in the USERS tablespace and a 1MB disk space quota in the TEMP tablespace.
  14. Each Faculty/Staff account is granted a 100MB disk space quota in the USERS tablespace and a 20MB disk space quota in the TEMP tablespace.
  15. If you have forgotten or lost your password (initially it is “qwe123”), please send an email to
  16. Please note that connection to the Oracle server from an off-site (off-campus) location or through an on-campus, wireless connection is not possible without use of the HTTP service. You must be on campus using a wired, registered connection - such as one of the lab computers - for any other connections to work.
  17. If you are interested in connecting to the database using JDBC, you will need a working JDBC driver version which is available at:
  18. If you want to setup your own sql connection and/or client on your own machine, the relevant information you need to know besides your userid and password is: