Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid is a resource to graduate students and departments needing guidance or assistance regarding financial aid policies, the disbursement of fellowships, and the administration of student loan programs.

In most departments and programs, doctoral students receive four to five years of nine-month stipend support. Applicants for admission to Ph.D. programs will automatically be considered for all University fellowships for which they are eligible. These awards of financial aid, as well as full tuition fellowships and comprehensive healthcare coverage, are announced soon after the time of admission.

The majority of students enrolled in terminal master’s programs and engaged in non-degree study are self-supported. Applicants to such programs are encouraged to complete the online Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) financial application Those who do not have sufficient resources (such as personal savings, gifts, loans, and outside fellowships) to fund tuition and maintenance may apply for financial assistance.