Membership Levels


This membership level benefits from even greater exposure to, and involvement with, the College, including highest priority access to opportunities and events. Companies can upgrade from Mega Partner to Tera Partner by contributing an additional $10,000 in directed support.  This support can be directed towards scholarships, gifts, sponsorships and endowment funds. Tera level partners will also have the additional opportunity to propose an Innovative Computing Project and work with a team of senior IT students as part of their membership.


This membership level benefits from greater exposure to, and involvement in, the College's recruiting activities.Minimum annual contributions of unrestricted funding required for recognition are:

  • Organizations with 100 employees or less- $2,000
  • Organizations with 101-1,000 employees - $5,000
  • Organizations with 1,001-10,000 employees- $10,000
  • Organizations with greater than 10,000 employees- $15,000

This membership level recognizes organizations providing special support, including scholarships; research grants, or directed student support. Participation in recruiting events is not an added benefit in this membership levels.

For more information please contact:

Lynn Marshall
CCI/DSI Partners Director