UNC Charlotte Football Star Tackles Computer Science

Date Published: 
Friday, December 16, 2016

Much of Niner Nation knows UNC Charlotte senior Larry Ogunjobi from his impressive career as a defensive lineman for the Charlotte 49ers football team – as they should. He’s the only active player to start all 46 games in the program’s history and he’s the program’s leader in tackles (212), tackles for loss (49) and sacks with 13. But to summarize Ogunjobi’s career at UNC Charlotte only by the work he’s accomplished in Jerry Richardson Stadium would be capturing only half the story. For as great as Ogunjobi was on the football field, his academic prowess was equally noteworthy. Which is saying a lot since he could become the first player in program history selected in the NFL draft.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Ogunjobi is driven by his constant desire to be the best.

“For me, I always want to be the best, so I asked myself why I couldn’t be really good in the classroom and really good on the football field,” he said. “I never wanted to put myself in a box, so as a student-athlete, I focused on being the best student and athlete I could be.”

Because of his compassion for computers Ogunjobi majored in Computer Science with a concentration in Computing Systems. He also majored in Biology following in the footsteps of his mother and father who work in the medical field.  He said he always wanted a sold backup if football was not in his future.

“Occasionally, universities are suspected to be "diploma mills" for members of sports teams,” said Bojan Cukic, Ph.D., professor and chair in the department of computer science.  “As a result, students like Larry feel additional burden about their scholarly performance.  He selected one of the most demanding concentrations within the Computer Science degree program and completed all requirements in time, with hard work and integrity.  While I wish him a long NFL career, he will have great career opportunities as a computer science graduate.”

For Ogunjobi, that sharp contrast is what makes him so unique. It’s what makes him who he is – a college graduate with two degrees who also has a passion for football. A passion he hopes might land him in the NFL, but if not, Ogunjobi will be just fine, because that is who he is.

Here and see more from Larry Ogunjobi at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm9jqtsyzCI&feature=youtu.be