Dean's Advisory Board

The Board of Advisors assists the Dean of the College of Computing and Informatics  at University of North Carolina Charlotte to enhance the College’s image in the community, engage community industries to provide jobs for the College’s graduates, discover opportunities for research collaboration, and to use one’s influence to promote the College.  The Board consists of members who support and strengthen the College’s capacity to engage the community in important and meaningful ways.

Chair: Jeff Stovall

Vice Chair: Daniel Friel 

Immediate Past Chair: Roger Shaul

Current Board of Advisors:

Name Company Position
Rich Baich Wells Fargo Executive Vice President and CISO
Chris Benson Oracle Senior Director
Ned Carroll Bank of America Information Management Operations and Analytics Executive
Ken Chinchar Data Chambers VP Sales and Marketing
Eric Christian Carolinas Healthcare System VP and CTO
Terry Cox Business Innovation and Growth Council President and CEO
Tom Eller Invesco
Daniel Friel Board Vice Chair Cornerstone Ventures General Partner
Kathy Harris Retired Gartner Corporation Retired
Darlene Heater University City Partners Executive Director
Curtis Hughes UNC Charlotte CCI CIO
Abhishek Mehta CEO & Co-Founder
Kevin Murphy TIAA CTO of IT Production Services
Dan Roselli Packard Place Co-Founder
Stoney Sellars StoneLaurel Consulting, Inc President & CEO
Roger Shaul - Board Immediate Past Chair CEO
Jeff Stovall Board Chair City of Charlotte CIO