The Dean's Welcome

We live in the golden age of information technology (IT). IT is transforming every aspect of society – our homes, workplaces, communities, industries, and economy. Technology is no longer just a tool for productivity; it is now a driving force for innovation and a catalyst for social and economic transformation. The prediction that “every industry is an IT industry” is quickly becoming a reality. These changes have created an insatiable demand for new kinds of IT leaders and professionals – people who are not only masters of cutting edge technology, but who are also capable of leveraging technology to create social and economic value.

The College of Computing and Informatics (CCI) at UNC Charlotte is at the forefront of this technology-driven transformation as the preeminent provider of the new IT talent and innovation needed for our region, state, and country. CCI continues to develop and deliver innovative, market-leading educational programs in Computer Science, Information Technology, Bioinformatics and Genomics, Cyber Security, Data Science and Business Analytics, Health Informatics, and Computing and Information Systems. These programs along with our strategic drive to develop T-shaped talent –  professionals who not only possess deep technical knowledge, but who are also skilled in teamwork, communication, and creative problem solving – enable CCI to meet ever-increasing industry expectations and demand for quality IT talent. Our college is also a major partner in the University’s Data Science Initiative (DSI), an innovation spearheaded by CCI in partnership with colleges from across the University.

With nearly 100% enrollment growth over the last six years and a projected growth of an additional 150+ students in 2016, CCI is the largest IT program by enrollment in North Carolina and one of the largest in the nation. In fall 2016, CCI projects an enrollment of nearly 2600 students, despite graduating over 650 students in 2015-16. CCI is the leading provider of IT talent for every industry in the region. The scale of our IT talent pipeline underscores our impact and ability to support the vast and growing IT needs of the greater Charlotte region.

CCI is a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative community that celebrates diversity and promotes the participation of women and other underrepresented populations in the IT discipline. CCI also connects students to the greater Charlotte region through the CCI Business Partners Program (CCI BPP). The CCI BPP is a student-industry engagement program that links the College and its students to regional businesses, providing the partners with access to high quality IT talent for both internships and permanent employment. Membership in the program has grown to nearly 50 companies.

Boosted by 200+ Ph.D. level faculty, students, and associates and fueled by a nearly $30M research portfolio of federal, foundation, and industry awards, CCI is a vibrant, world-class research enterprise.

As Interim Dean of CCI, I invite you to join us in our efforts and to be a catalyst for the IT innovations that are transforming our society.

The Future of Computing starts here!

William J. Tolone, Ph.D., Interim Dean