Welcome Class of 2021

Welcome Class of 2021! The field of computing is changing fast and its impact on society is far reaching. We aspire to shape the Future of Computing and want you to join us in this mission and Be The Future of Computing

About us

We are the largest computing program in the Carolinas with over 2500 students. We are the #1 producer of computing degrees in the state of North Carolina. We are the leader in producing diverse graduates in computing in the state: #2 in women, #1 in African-Americans and #1 in Hispanics. We are one of the most diverse colleges of computing in the Nation with 24% women enrollment and 43% minorities - both above the national average.

Our CS undegraduate degree offers 10 different concentrations allowing students to specialize their education in new areas like Cybersecurity and Data Science or in more traditional areas like Bioinformatics, Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering.

We have over 10 student organizations (e.g., ACM-W, Dean's Ambassadors) covering different interests. We have a very active Business Partners program with close to 40 members providing training opportunities, internships, and jobs to our students. We have a very active Tutoring Center run by students. We have many other opportunities (e.g., scholarships, internships, jobs) waiting for you.

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