Internal Transfer Guidelines

Computer Science (CS) Internal Transfers Guidelines

(For current UNC-Charlotte students who are not CS majors who wish to become CS majors.)

The following conditions must be met before the student’s request to Change Majors will be approved:

(1)            Must have completed at least 12-credit hours at UNC-Charlotte; and

(2)            Overall GPA must be 2.2 or higher; and

(3)            Most recent full-time semester GPA must be 2.5 or higher; and

(4)            *Must complete ITSC-1212/L with a minimum grade of B; and

(5)            Must complete the first math course appropriate for the CS program that the student wishes to join
                with a minimum grade of C [MATH-1241 for BS or MATH-1120 for BA].

                                         *If student earns a C in ITSC 1212, they must earn at least a B in ITSC 1213.

Any prospective internal transfer student can discuss his/her situation with any CS academic advisor. 

All exceptions to this policy must be approved by the CCI Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Administration. 

This policy is effective: Feb 1, 2017