CCI Concentration Descriptions

BS/BA in Computer Science Concentration Descriptions
College of Computing and Informatics
UNC Charlotte
October 2016


The B.S. offers a broad core of computing subjects and allows in-depth study in one of these concentrations:


B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in AI, Robotics, and Gaming

Students in the AI, Robotics and Gaming concentration will learn how to design and implement intelligent machines.  Intelligent systems can be found in many modern computer applications, from gaming and search to finance, and in fields as diverse as robotics, computer vision and image processing to natural language understanding.  Students pursuing this concentration will be ready to pursue careers in some of the fastest growing technology companies. 

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Bioinformatics

Students in the Bioinformatics concentration will learn about methods and software tools used to turn biological data into knowledge.  The major focus is on DNA, the molecule that provides the building plan for all living things. Bioinformatics provides the computational toolkit to help you read the book of life. The applications are enormous, from health care, to agriculture, to the environment, and the opportunities in this field are limitless. 

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Cyber Security

Students in the Cyber Security concentration will learn about information, network, and software security issues and techniques for protecting systems from cyber attacks. Students will learn the tools and techniques for ensuring privacy and security in software, web, mobile, and cloud systems. UNC Charlotte is designated as an Academic Center of Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research (CAE/IAE, and CAER)  by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. Details of the Academic Center of Excellence program can be found at

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Data Science

Students in the Data Science concentration will learn how to use and develop processes and tools to extract knowledge or insights from data.  Data scientists use their analytical ability to interpret data sources, manage large amounts of data, ensure consistency of datasets, create visualizations to aid understanding, build mathematical models and present and communicate the data insights/findings.  Data scientist is the occupation of the 21st century and job prospects are excellent.

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Software, Systems, and Networks

Students in the Software, Systems and Networks concentration will be able to select courses that prepare them for design and development of complex computer systems and applications. Computer networks are the backbone of the Internet.  Modern computers are increasingly complex and programming them requires understanding of system organization, software and programming languages, security threats and continually emerging platforms (clouds, mobile, internet-of-things).

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Software Engineering

Students in the Software Engineering concentration will learn about developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, are affordable to develop and maintain, and satisfy all the requirements that customers have defined for them. This concentration is critical because of the impact of software systems in every aspect of our professional and personal lives and the role of software in safety-critical applications.

B.S. in Computer Science with Concentration in Web and Mobile Applications

Students in the Web and Mobile Applications concentration will learn about software development using Internet protocols, World-Wide Web technologies, and mobile programming languages and operating systems. The web and mobile platforms are increasingly the default for health, social, educational and customer interaction.


The B.A. program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in one of the following concentrations:

B.A. in Computer Science with Concentration in Financial Services Informatics

Students in the Financial Services Informatics concentration will study the development of processes and software tools for management, analysis and understanding of data in the business context. Financial services are among the most advanced application areas of computing technology. In addition to standard computer science curriculum, required coursework includes accounting, economics and finance. Students pursuing this concentration will be prepared for employment as technologists in financial and investment management fields.    

 B.A. in Computer Science with Concentration in Human-Computer Interaction

Students in the Human Computer Interaction concentration will learn the methods and technology for designing, developing, and evaluating how people interact with computers and other digital devices. As technology becomes more integrated with everyday activities, the user experience and interface design become critical aspects of the success of technology.

B.A. in Computer Science with Concentration in Information Technology

Students in the Information Technology concentration will learn about the usability, security, and reliability of IT infrastructures with an emphasis on technical writing and communications skills. Students with an IT concentration will be project managers, product managers, and will manage the resources, documents, and customer interaction in IT projects.