Academic Checksheets

The College of Computing and Informatics offers two undergraduate degrees in Computer Science (Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science). 

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science has three concentrations to select from: 

Human-Computer Interaction (2016-2017)

Information Technology (2016-2017)

Financial Service Informatics (2016-2017)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science has seven concentrations to select from: 

AI, Robotics & Gaming (2016-2017)

Bioinformatics (2016-2017)

Cyber Security (2016-2017)

Data Science (2016-2017)

Software Engineering (2016-2017)

Software, System & Networks (2016-2017)

Each concentration offer students a unique curriculum that is designed for different areas of computing fields. The CCI Concentration Descriptions go into detail about subject material and diverse career paths each concentration procures.