Resources and Forms

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Forms relevant for PhD students:

Milestones Check Sheet Excel
Transfer Credit Form Word | PDF
Qualifying Exam Commitee Agreement Word | PDF
Qualifying Exam Application Form Word | PDF
Qualifying Exam/Comprehensive Exam Report Form for Doctoral Candidates Word | PDF
Dissertation Advisory Commitee Agreement Word | PDF
Doctoral Committee Form Word | PDF
Dissertation Proposal Defense Request Word | PDF
Remote Proposal Dissertation Participation Form Word | PDF
Proposal Defense Report Word | PDF
Topic Approval Form Word | PDF
Admission to Candidacy:
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Graduation Application:
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Dissertation Defense Request Word | PDF
Remote Dissertation Defense Participation Word | PDF
CIS Ph.D. Exam/Defense Report Word | PDF
ITSC 8880 Individual Study Proposal Word | PDF
CIS Ph.D. Progress Form Word | PDF
Track Change Form Word | PDF
Special Request Form Word | PDF
Suspension Appeal Form Word | PDF