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The College of Computing and Informatics is committed to being the recognized leader for competitive, innovative, and market-responsive computing and informatics education. Through this commitment, the College will continue to develop focused, trend-setting research excellence with national and international recognition, and be recognized as the leader and go-to place for partnerships and collaborations.


How Proteins Effect the Human Body
Dr. Dennis Livesay tries to determine why proteins do what they do
Human Computer Interaction
Dr. Celine Latilupe discusses her research to enhance the human/computer experience 
Ph.D Student Rich Nguyen
Computer Visualization for the medical industry



Balancing between the football field and the classroom.

Study notes genetic changes in analyzing the virus' journey through time and place

On a thankfully cooler September morning, moderator Bojan Cukic, chair of the Department of Computer Science at UNCC sat down in the Charlotte Business Journal office to conduct a Q&A with technology experts Bill Doyle, chief revenue officer, RapidMiner; Marc Vaglio-Laurin, senior product manager, advanced analytics, Qlik; Rishi Bhatnagar, CEO, Syntelli Solutions Inc. and Rick Doody, CIO, SPX Corporation.